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Modern Vampire - Gothic Sticker Pack (6 pieces, Glossy)

Modern Vampire - Gothic Sticker Pack (6 pieces, Glossy)

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Out with the decaying old bloodsuckers, locked up in their dusty castles, and in with the new! The modern vampire deserves the luxuries of modern times! #YouOnlyLiveForever

This pack contains 6 modern vampire themed die cut glossy vinyl stickers:
~ Blood Bubble Tea
~ Always B Positive Hat
~ Contemplating Eternity Playlist
~ Starfangs Coffee Cup
~ Busted Text
~ Bloodbath Bomb


~ Stickers are die cut and made from glossy vinyl. They are durable and scratch-proof, and water-resistant (but not fully waterproof).
~ Perfect for gifts, cases, laptops, journals, character notebooks, etc.
~ All stickers are designed by me on Procreate. I hope you enjoy!
~ The plastic bag is fully compostable. Please recycle the packaging if you can!

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