Terms and Conditions


Commissioning custom artwork? Be sure to read through the terms and conditions below before payment. 

  1. Due Date. The illustrator agrees to deliver the finished artwork within 21 days after the approval of sketches by the client. 

  2. Revisions. Prior to acceptance of the initial sketch, all revisions are welcome. After approval of the sketch, only minor edits can be made by the client. Minor edits are defined as those which can be resolved in 10 minutes or less (e.g. colour changes, non-significant detail adjustments). Major edits are defined as those which cannot be resolved in under 10 minutes, and the need to take the artwork back to the sketch level - this will incur additional fees.

  3. Grant and Reservation of Rights. Upon receipt of full payment, the illustrator grants to the client personal usage rights. The client may not use the artwork for commercial use, unless otherwise discussed and agreed prior to invoicing.

  4. Additional Usage. If the client wishes to make any additional uses of the work, the client agrees to seek permission from the illustrator and make such payments as are agreed to between the parties at that time. The client agrees that no version of the work shall be used as a Non Fungible Token or in AI datasets in perpituity. 

  5. Illustrator's Right to Authorship Credit. The illustrator may use the work in their portfolio (including, but not limited to, any website or social media platform that displays the illustrator's works). Authorship credit in the name or social media of the illustrator shall accompany the work when it is reproduced. If the finished artwork is used as a contribution to a magazine or for a book, authorship credit shall be given.

  6. Cancellation. Cancellation prior to the commencement of the sketch is permissible, however after this stage, the client agrees that they cannot cancel the commission, or request refunds prior to completion.