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Lorraine Wilson

Author of 'the chronicles of nottingham'

"When I started developing my Vampire: The Masquerade stories, I knew pretty quickly that I was going to need artwork of my characters. First, to help me better visualise my stories, and then perhaps later to help market the project. But where to start? How to take the plunge on looking to bring these characters to life?

"Enthralledyet was one of the first artists I found and immediately came across as incredibly approachable, easy to work with and – of course — incredibly talented. Not only has she worked hard to deliver high-quality pieces in good time, but she has done so with excellent communication, a constant eye to what I wanted and great, very uplifting, enthusiasm. She has been a real pleasure to work with and I look forward to doing so many more times moving forward."

Projects Completed for Lorraine (Total: 14)

Michael Diamond

Owner of 'the old ways' podcast group

"Vera has been a wonderful partner on so many projects for my business. She's keen to work within my schedule and has a real knack for approaching each piece with a unique perspective that really holds an audience's attention. I've trusted her with several critical projects and she's come through for me time and time again. I wouldn't hesitate to partner with her again or happily recommend her vital skills to others for their projects."

Projects Completed for Michael (Total: 14)

Bridgett Jeffries

Owner of 'Symphony Entertainment'

Working with Entralledyet was such a joy. Her style is absolutely stunning. I have two of her pieces mounted and framed.

Communicating with an artist can be tricky. How much detail is too much? How to manage expectations? How do modifications work? Etc. She made the entire experience seamless. Communication was crystal clear as far as turnaround time, pricing, launch, what types of details she needed, etc. I only needed minor modifications. The final product was stunning.

I'm looking forward to working with her again! I'd highly recommend this artist.

Projects Completed for Bridgett (Total: 1 personal, 2 cameo illustrations)

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